Intellectual property, Industrial IT, Media and Entertainment

Assuring the most effective protection of know-how and the best use of communications/media tools

Protecting know-how, industrial property rights, copyright and trademarks has become an absolute priority for assuring that businesses operating in an advanced market can turn their resources and investments to account and also expand and strengthen their presence in target markets.  In that regard, we provide out-of-court assistance, also in conjunction with engineers, technicians and skilled experts working in various areas of manufacturing, IT, fashion and services. That work concerns the finalization of agreements on the licensing, transfer and protection of know-how, the protection of trademarks and the cultivation of a brand image.  We also assist clients in combating unlawful competition and the infringement of trademarks and patents without going to court.  In the context of the consulting services we provide, a team of our lawyers works on a continuous basis with a big multinational media and marketing communications corporation, with the prime objective of providing comprehensive assistance that is focused on the client’s interests also in the field of digital communications and their contents.

One of the cases that our firm has successfully handled in court recently was a complex dispute involving a multinational company operating in the music recording and entertainment industry that concerned the protection of the rights of a well-known Italian artist, which was also widely reported in the media.  In the same sector, we have been asked to handle disputes concerning unfair competitive practices consisting of diversion of staff, denigration, servile imitation and parasitical competition.

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