Our Expertise

Employment agreements, availability on-call and environmental safety

We are the go-to law firm for the major companies operating in the energy production and distribution sector and we deal with all aspects of managing employment agreements and matters specifically connected with the applicable collective agreement.  More specifically, we have dealt with the requirement for “availability on-call” as provided for in the national collective bargaining agreement for the electricity sector and fulfilled by dam keepers at their workplace, which was the subject of court cases seeking a finding that such availability should be considered actual work, which have now been decided in the companies’ favour.

On behalf of the biggest Italian corporate group in the electricity sector, we have also dealt with the matter of the cancellation and obsolescence of the collective agreements on the recognition of certain benefits to former employees.  In that regard we handled a highly significant lawsuit in terms of its subject-matter and the numbers involved, filed by hundreds of former employees located all over Italy.  The decisions handed down at the first and second levels of judgment to date have recognized the legitimacy of the company’s legal arguments and conduct, in terms of both the non-remunerative nature of the benefits granted and the legitimacy of the cancellations of previous agreements and their obsolescence further to the stipulation of new collective agreements on the matter.  We also assist major firms in the energy sector in handling the sensitive issue of environmental safety and consequences ensuing from cases of prior exposure to asbestos under the previous legislation requiring the use of that material in a large number of circumstances.


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