The unjustified absentee worker can not be dismissed because of the need to assist the depressed daughter
The manager is entitled to compensation for loss of chance if the company does not assign him objectives to be achieved
Employee is an “on call” worker if he falls within the company organization and is paid by the hour
What happened at the Spring Labour & Employment EMEA Clinic
The company email does not nail the worker for lawful dismissal because the server is in the hands of the employer
“Brothers, knives”: the bond of subordination “enters” into the family
Isgrò vs Waters: a landmark decision
Tablet & other devices do not need an accord
The Weinstein case impacts companies: remedies
Highlights T&P December 2017
Employers may use the Fornero procedure to ascertain the legitimacy of a dismissal
Better protection for whistleblowers in public administration and industry

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