Luca Peron has gained his experience in Employment Law, Union Law, Social Security Law, and specifically on agency contracts and, in general, all type of contracts in the business, advising leading companies in a wide range sectors including manufacturing, service, logistics and insurance sectors, both in extraordinary restructuring operations and in the management of day-to-day issues related to the above-mentioned topics.
Luca also regularly advises leading companies, top managers and directors in disputes before all courts, including higher ones, in all disputes relating to the management and termination of employment relationships, including those of an executive nature and related corporate offices, as well as agency contracts and outsourcing contracts in general.
He has graduated from the University of Milan. Luca has been an Attorney since 1998, and he is the author of articles and notes for specialized journals and newspapers.
He has contributed to specialized referred publications, such as: “Lavoro e Previdenza, Guide Giuridiche Ipsoa, AAVV, 2016”; “Il Jobs Act in 100 domande” published by RCS Media Group, AAVV, 2015; “Lavoro Guide Giuridiche Itinera”, published by Ipsoa, AAVV, 2014; “La Riforma del lavoro, dalla legge Fornero al Jobs Act”, published by RCS Quotidiani, 2012; “La riforma del diritto del lavoro”, published by RCS, AAVV, 2012.
He participates as a speaker at conferences, seminars, webinars on Employment Law issues. He is a regular contributor to the scientific publications of Trifirò & Partners, T&P news and annual Highlights, dedicated to specific topics such as Employment, Corporate and Banking and Insurance law.