Self-employed and smart working

By Salvatore Trifirò and Barbara Fumai

June 2017, lawmakers enacted what already known as statue of the self-employed workers.

The Act provide on one hand for non- entrepreneurial self-employed work and on the other hand provide for smart working.

The Act  entrenches  protection of independent work, provides against late payment by companies and government agencies ,other clauses regard terms of the contract, unlawful termination of contract without notice .

The Act provide a new frame work   for pregnancy, sick leave and occupational injuries. The Act sets a maximum of 150 days a year away from work for self-employed who have continuing relationship with the employer.

In case of maternity the self-employed may be replaced by other independent workers she chooses and with the consent of the employer.

Rules regarding obligations of the employer as to workplace safety and hygiene remain unchanged.

Self-employed compensation may not be inferior to compensation perceived by employees working on the premise.