Mandatory Vaccinations

mandatory vaccination

On January 5, 2022, the Council of Ministers approved the decree containin “Urgent meausures to deal with the Covid-19 emergency, in particular in the workplace and in schools”.

Legal framework for remote working to be written

Legal framework for remote working

As has been said, the future (and present) of the world of work is a hybrid of the real world and the virtual world. The lockdowns were a tremendous opportunity for companies to experiment with new forms of work such as remote work. In reality, it was a mix of factors that escape any typed […]

How Can Employers Deal with Anti-vax Workers?

Anti-vax Workers

by Stefano Trifiro’ September 2021 “The spontaneous decision of an employee not to get vaccinated could lead to his suspension from work, in cases of impossibility of assignment to a different job, without prejudice to the judgment of the company doctor who may deem a worker unsuitable based on the type of duties to be […]

Latest Court decisions on Covid in the workplace

by Stefano Trifirò Already a few months ago, I faced the issue of the possible consequences for unvaccinated workers in the company, focusing on the one hand, the need for the employer to have to protect the privacy of employees and on the other the obligation to comply with art. 2087 of the Civil Code. […]

Employee Privacy in Companies


by Stefano Trifirò In the race between prevention and contagion to stop the Delta variant from taking over, our Premier has said that everything still needs to be tackled with “determination, vigilance and attention” by means of vaccines and tracking. In the meantime, Inail has prepared an interim indication plan for vaccinations in the company; […]

Is Blocking Dismissals Illegitimate?

blocking dismissal

While a recent order of the Labour court of Rome extends the prohibition on dismissals for objective reasons as per Law April 24 2020 n.27, a recent ruling by the Spanish Labour Court of Barcelona states that dismissal for justified objective reasons based on the economic losses suffered as a result of the pandemic is […]