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Freezing layoffs limits (in Spain) the freedom of enterprise

by Salvatore Trifirò While a recent order of the Labour Court of Rome (February 26, 2021) extends the prohibition on dismissals for objective reasons as per Law 24 April 2020, n. 27, a recent sentence by the Spanish Labour Court of Barcelona states that dismissal for justified objective reason based on the economic losses suffered […]

Fired Boban wins lawsuit with €5.375 million in compensation

Corriere della Sera, 31/12/2020 There was no “just cause” in Milan’s dismissal of Zvonimir Boban. This is what the Court of Milan decided, which awarded the former manager, represented by Mario Cammarata of Trifirò & Partners, compensation of 5.375 million (despite asking for more). Fired Boban wins lawsuit with €5.375 million in compensation There was […]

The Workers’ Statute, Yesterday and Today

May 19, 2020 published in Labour Law By Salvatore Trifirò, Founder of Trifirò & Partners Law Firm   In the 25th year since the creation of the Workers’ Statute, I had the honour of being called by the First President of the Court of Cassation to report to the Great Chamber of the United Sections […]