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The Mobility Manager

Mobility Manager

by Mariapaola Rovetta In a historical moment like the present one, we know that the scenario in terms of employment are not the rosiest, due to the effects of the pandemic. However, this is not true for all sectors if we consider the fact that the changes taking place have also led to the creation […]

Company, Social, Responsibility

By Mariapaola Rovetta Sustainable development and social responsibility are becoming increasingly important within companies. By adopting sustainable lifestyles, companies can benefit from numerous advantages also in terms of competitiveness. “Working by applying the rules of sustainability offers greater guarantees, as the risks that are usually run in the workplace are minimised” says Mariapaola Rovetta of […]

Starting off the new year in the name of social responsibility

By Mariapaola Rovetta   Understanding and maintaining social responsibility is required by companies and professional firms. It is true that in the last ten years there have been more and more companies that have already adopted a sustainable approach, however many are still striving to adopt it or have only just started. Others have not […]

Webinar – Taking care of people in the company: how to do it today?

webinar intoo trifirò

Thursday, December 3, 2020 17:00 18:30   Productivity cannot be separated from psychophysical well-being and constant attention to employability. How do we accompany people in taking care of these aspects and how do we do it even in the most difficult moments of corporate life? These are questions that the context we are experiencing has […]

Sustainability and ethics in the current work environment

by Mariapaola Rovetta   Before the Covid-19 health emergency we were dealing with the issue of sustainability. The topic is now more relevant than ever and extends to new situations that would never have been previously imagined. As is now known, the term sustainability means the orientation towards adopting a lifestyle aimed at satisfying the […]

Remote working: there is a flip side as well

By: Mariapaola Rovetta   Here we are at the end of the lockdown, but not the health emergency concerning the spread of Covid-19. Now a hot topic that has become the subject of debate: remote working. Those who have had the privilege and good fortune of being able to continue working during the lockdown have […]

The Court of Appeals of Milan clarified again the importance of distinguishing indirect from direct commissions due to an agent from a principal

Plurijus 2019

Case reviewed by Stefano Trifirò and Mariapaola Rovetta The Court of Appeals of Milan clarified again the importance of distinguishing indirect from direct commissions due to an agent from a principal. The former, as is well known, are due to an agent only in the eventuality that the principal operates directly in the area of […]