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Legal framework for remote working to be written

Legal framework for remote working

As has been said, the future (and present) of the world of work is a hybrid of the real world and the virtual world. The lockdowns were a tremendous opportunity for companies to experiment with new forms of work such as remote work. In reality, it was a mix of factors that escape any typed […]

The Potential of Remote Working depends on Individual Agreements

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“Smart working” literally translated from English means “intelligent working”. Our Legislator has called it “agile work” or “remote work”. This new form of work, due to the health emergency linked to Covid has affected, statistical data in hand, about 8 million workers. This way of working is likely to find more and more application in […]

The potential of remote working to have individual agreements

cresce il peso della consulenza

by Salvatore Trifirò – Il Sole 24 Ore, 01/09/2020   During the 80s in Italy, some enterprising entrepreneurs so-called atypical forms of autonomous work (pony express and door-to-door sales) were created. Holland in the 90s materialised the concept of remote working as a new model of work organisation that was also adopted in other Northern […]

Remote working: what does it really mean?

by Stefano Trifirò   Just over a week has passed since the Prime Ministerial Decree of 11 March 2020 expressly made a recommendation on the maximum use by companies of remote working methods for all those activities that can be carried out offsite. In order to facilitate the entrepreneur in the most rapid application of […]