smart working

New Applications for Remote Controls

by Federico Manfredi and Rebecca Pala Remote working has revealed itself to be a revolution in the methods of execution and management of the employment relationship, destined to stabilize on an economic and – consequently – also on a legal level. The difference on the organisational-business level, compared to what was experienced with the previous […]

Legal framework for remote working to be written

smart working

by Stefano Trifirò As has been effectively said, the future (and present) of the world of work is a hybrid of the real world and the virtual world. The lockdowns were a tremendous opportunity for companies to experiment with new forms of work such as remote work. In reality, it was a mix of factors […]

The Potential of Remote Working depends on Individual Agreements

potential remote working

“Smart working” literally translated from English means “intelligent working”. Our Legislator has called it “agile work” or “remote work”. This new form of work, due to the health emergency linked to Covid has affected, statistical data in hand, about 8 million workers. This way of working is likely to find more and more application in […]

Remote working: there is a flip side as well

By: Mariapaola Rovetta   Here we are at the end of the lockdown, but not the health emergency concerning the spread of Covid-19. Now a hot topic that has become the subject of debate: remote working. Those who have had the privilege and good fortune of being able to continue working during the lockdown have […]

Social Innovation – Digital Transformation: smart working also works for lawyers


by Giovanni Luchetti  The emergency arising from the Coronavirus has allowed Italy to discover the potentially positive side of a practice that is still viewed with ‘suspicion’: that of remote work. As part of the measures adopted by the Government for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 (coronavirus), the President of […]

Remote working: what does it really mean?

by Stefano Trifirò   Just over a week has passed since the Prime Ministerial Decree of 11 March 2020 expressly made a recommendation on the maximum use by companies of remote working methods for all those activities that can be carried out offsite. In order to facilitate the entrepreneur in the most rapid application of […]