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In the matter of heterodirection: mathematics is not an opinion


One of the areas where the jurisprudential debate is always alive and changing is the compatibility between the employment relationship and social position when these are headed by the same subject, who is therefor invested in both the subjective situation as an emplyee of the company and in that of a member of a corporate […]

Constitutional Reform: Environment and Animals

On 8 february 2022 the Parliament, on the basis of the rules that provide for the possibility of a constitutional revision without the need for a referendum, included among the constitutionally guaranteed rights the protection of the environment and animals.

Mobility Manager

the mobility manager

The canghes taking place in our society have led to the creation of new roles to be included in the world of work. Among these is that of the Mobility Manager, which was actually created over twenty years ago following the Kyoto Agreements of 1997.