Bacchus and Venus

Bacchus and Venus

Edited by Stefano Beretta

A famous Italian saying goes “Bacchus plus tobacco and Venus reduce a men to ashes”.
A Judge, instead, decided that Bacchus even without Tabaco and Venus may lead one to lose his job. The case involved a triangle: him, her and the other, all of them colleagues.
The fact at issue is the Christmas dinner of the company. The incident took place after the dinner.

After heavy drinking the boyfriend goes to the carpark next to the company and sees her in the car of the other. Under the influence of alcohol the boyfriend starts kicking and punching the car in a threatening manner and forces her and the other to get out of the car.
At this point Venus helps Bacchus and he assaults the other who runs away as she takes cover in the car to avoid the worst.
She stays in the car until the opening hour of the company where she was to start her shift and there he is though is not his shift.
She gets out of the car and goes in the office and is verbally assaulted by him.
The staff doesn’t let him in as he kicks and punches the company windows.
The local police try to calm him, take down her complaint and tell her to go to hospital.
He is dismissed even though he recognized his conduct caused by “a few glasses too many”.

The judge found his conduct denoted inclination of the worker to uncontrolled, physical and violent reaction to situation of potential conflict which duly justified termination for breach of trust, regardless of what she and the other were doing


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