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We assist leading insurance companies in the planning, structuring, management and termination of contractual relationships with agents, distributors, employees, consultants and insurance brokers, as well as handling related litigation.
We are also regularly tasked by insurance companies to handle disputes both in the non-life (fire - theft - accidents, etc.) and in the life (recurring and single premium policies, pure and mixed with a financial component, unit/index-linked, etc.) line of business, a branch in which we have a long and consolidated expertise, both in the management of litigation and in alternative dispute resolution tools, especially in conciliation and mediation.
In the banking sector, our assistance concerns the verification of compliance with European and Italian regulations on the remuneration and compensation of executives and employees; in addition, the firm’s teams handle contractual matters related to the study and implementation of initiatives for the provision of new customer services. Assistance is also provided in closing agreements, including mediation, for the renegotiation of contractual conditions applied by credit institutions to their clients. In the area of litigation, the Firm handles disputes relating to the verification of compliance with the rules on shark-loan and compound interest, as well as contractual and non-contractual liability actions relating to reports in the Risk Centre. In the area of bankruptcy litigation, we handle disputes relating to claw-back actions of credit institutions in connection with past transactions with clients. In both sectors, we also advise on real estate matters, both in relation to our own assets and in relation to disputes concerning the conclusion and management of leases for the offices in which our client companies and banks operate.

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