Purpose & Values

and Creativity

in law for
over 50 years

Trifirò & Partners owes its reputation to more than 50 years of experience in the field of labour law, and today its legal services span numerous areas of civil law. T&P's mission has always been to help companies meet their challenges by providing them with the highest quality legal services.
T&P is a firm believer in its vision of a legal service that goes beyond the passive commodity model of the current regulatory environment. The firm is confident that its assistance will enable its clients to transform the law into a tool to achieve the desired competitive advantage. The collaboration between employment lawyers and their clients is therefore inspired by a high value-added knowledge partnership, reflecting the ideals of co-creation and one-team with businesses.

Humans first

For T&P, the human element is of strategic importance and cannot be ignored. People-to-people communication is a fundamental component in the success of the services offered to companies, making the legal implications of the strategies adopted tangible and predictable for management.


At T&P, excellence is much more than competence in labour and civil law. It means passion, creativity and timeliness, studying for each client innovative and challenging solutions that allow the company's strategic objectives to be achieved.


Every client is unique to T&P, with ever-changing processes and needs. T&P develops a unique and distinctive set of legal and contractual features for each individual company. For a truly bespoke, comprehensive and international service, a constant liaison between Legal and Corporate is essential.


In order to shift the centre of gravity from the professional to the client, T&P adopts challenging innovation models that involve a radical re-engineering of the legal service delivery process. Each of the firms we support becomes the hub of the definition of the service and the production activity according to sustainable business process innovation models.

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