At T&P
every client
is unique

At T&P, every client is unique, with processes and needs that are constantly evolving. By adopting challenging innovation models, T&P is radically re-engineering the legal service delivery process and shifting its focus from the professional to the client. Each supported company becomes the heart of the service definition and production activity according to sustainable business process innovation models.


As one of the major drivers of the national economy, the manufacturing sector is one of our country's flagships. Some of its key players are design, luxury&beauty, food&beverage and automotive.

Trade, Distribution
and Services

Trifirò & Partners is at the forefront of providing legal assistance to service companies in the tourism and hospitality, distribution, catering and trucking sectors. The firm assists its clients in various jurisdictions, mainly on issues related ...


The energy sector is currently witnessing a period of significant change, offering new challenges and interesting prospects for the companies involved. By combining an in-depth knowledge of the industry and its dynamics with an integrated approach...

Banking and Insurance

The Firm assists leading banks, SGRs, investment funds and insurance companies in planning, structuring and managing recruitment, incentive and retention plans, termination, non-competition, unfair...

TMS and Publishing

One of the multidisciplinary areas that are becoming increasingly important in today's society is the Telecommunications & Media sector, a field in which The Firm Trifirò & Partners offers qualified expertise.

and Health Care

Trifirò & Partners has a long history of providing strategic advice to public companies and trusts operating in the health and services sectors. Thanks to its legal expertise, technical experience and in-depth knowledge...

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