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Trifirò & Partners is known for its role in shaping Italian labour law. T&P stands out because of its own history, made unique by the experiences collected over decades of providing legal advice to corporate clients that have contributed to the development of some of the most relevant principles and jurisprudential institutions of living law. Take, for example, some of the pivotal principles on collective dismissals, the right to strike, union participation and the qualification of the employment relationship.
The firm is still daily immersed in the lively jurisprudential and interpretative debate, so that it continues to be a major player in the labor law scene.
This is because T&P's roots are embodied in the culture that distinguishes its “style” and day-to-day operations. The role of opinion leadership that comes to the Firm from its professional history means, indeed, for all its Professionals, to be able to avail themselves of a unique know-how, developed over the years, and to make use of it as a starting point for the pursuit of new solutions and interpretative orientations, tailored to the peculiar needs of each Client, issues yet to be understood, elaborated and ceaselessly studied.


Trifirò & Partners was established


Law No. 604 of July 15, 1966. On individual dismissals.


Law No. 300 of May 20, 1970. Workers' Statute and new labour trials


Trifirò & Partners grows and moves to via San Barnaba 32


L July 23, 1991, no. 223. On collective redundancies


Trifirò & Partners opens offices in Rome, Trento, Turin and Parma


Trifirò & Partners is among the first firms to fully digitalize its law library


"Biagi" reform


Trifirò & Partners is among the first firms to completely digitise its communication


"Fornero" reform


Jobs Act


Trifirò & Partners is adopts AI and predictive algorithmic systems


"Cartabia" reform


Trifirò & Partners is among the first firms to implement predictive algorithmic and AI systems in its processes and services.

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