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T&P regards quality as much more than expertise in its core practices. Quality for T&P means passion, creativity and timeliness, designing innovative and challenging solutions tailored on each and every Client as to enable it to achieve its strategic objectives.
To do so, T&P ensures constant alignment between the professionals and the Client, as it is essential for a truly bespoke, inclusive and international service, and develops unique and distinctive legal and contractual features for each Company.
Some of the key words that are revolutionizing Labor Law and redefining places, times and contract modalities nowadays are globalization, delocalization and new technologies.
In such a dynamic context, Trifirò & Partners supports companies...
It is increasingly important for our Clients to ensure the proper handling of legal issues pertaining to the legal requirements typical of Civil, Commercial, Banking and Insurance Law, so that the risks of litigation are minimized.
Companies operating in all sectors of economic activity are required by recent rapid organizational and technological developments, involving production, distribution, administration and finance, as well as communication, to continuously...
We assist leading insurance companies in the planning, structuring, management and termination of contractual relationships with agents, distributors, employees, consultants and insurance brokers, as well as handling related litigation.

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