Labour Law


Some of the key words that are revolutionizing Labor Law and redefining places, times and contract modalities nowadays are globalization, delocalization and new technologies.
In such a dynamic context, Trifirò & Partners supports companies and professionals in such renovated challenges and issues: privacy and employee supervision issues are the most straightforward examples that come to mind thinking of the implementation in companies of solutions such as smart working, artificial intelligence, automation and the like.
The quest for flexibility results in an increasing diversity of forms of labor contracts, which can be very different from the classic model, requiring careful preparation by the attorney called upon to settle related disputes. As for the legal field, each industry has its own specific critical issues that the Trifirò & Partners firm has known and addressed for decades: from corporate and individual collective bargaining to the identification of new remuneration and welfare systems, from reorganization and restructuring to unfair competition, from the management of labor litigation in all national and international jurisdictions to the defense of corporate top management. Trifirò & Partners protects companies and executives, promoting their uniqueness and know-how, defending their value in Italy as well as abroad.

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