He has assisted and still does leading Insurance Companies (multinationals), advising and managing litigation in the non-life and life insurance sector. At the same time, the litigation management business has expanded on the specific relationship of insurance agency and insurance brokerage, addressing the fundamental issues of the agency and brokerage relationship, in the broader framework of the correlations between insurance brokers.
This litigation - before the "Corte di Cassazione" - has been finalized with the affirmation of the prevalence, as a primary source, of Collective Regulation within the hierarchy of legal sources.
In the last decade he has extended his activity to the insurance of class III as regulated by Legislative Decree 7.9.2005 n. 209, with particular reference to the problems related to the insurance and/or financial nature of this type of agreement. This sector has also generated a considerable amount of litigation, which in recent times has had to deal with the case law of the European Court of Justice and - therefore - with the cross-national regulation provided for such insurance products.
Evidence of the decades of experience gained in the aforementioned litigation can be found in the most accredited legal journals and on the online portal (De Jure = Giuffrè).
Alongside this expertise, he manages consultancy and litigation within the department and with a focus on leases (commercial and private properties), developed as a result of the management of the real estate of one of the aforementioned Companies, including managing condo issues.


Parent company not liable for acts of their subsidiaries

Articoli e note a sentenza nelle materie sovra precisate

Ha curato, per i maggiori gruppi assicurativi italiani, questioni fondamentali in riguardo al rapporto di agenzia; rami elementari e rischi tecnologici. La casistica è rinvenibile in numerose decisioni della Cassazione (dal 1998 ad oggi)

Collaboratore ANIA (Associazione Nazionale Imprese di Assicurazione) per le tematiche generali delle assicurazioni ed organizzazione.