Tablet & other devices do not need an accord

Tablet & other devices do not need an accord

Tablet & other devices do not need an accord

Edited by Stefano Trifirò and Federico Manfredi

According to Amazon, “the smart bracelet was designed to improve performance and efficiency of warehouse workers and therefore the quality of the service offered to the consumers” says Stefano Trifirò (Senior lawyer Trifirò & Partners).

He adds that this bracelet can be used without an accord with the Union.

This maybe viewed as form of control made necessary from an organizational and productive stand point which also amounts to a control the activity of the workers.

So Amazon could ask and obtain the authorization to use the bracelet from the local labour agency. If instead the bracelet is used for the soul control of the performance of the workers at the warehouse it may not be used.

In accordance with the new article 4 of the Statute of Workers, however, even more radical innovations are provided for.

The employer in particular is not bound by an accord with the Union when the issue the instruments used by the workers for their performance and the work hours registrations (tablets smartphones, P.Cs.). this policy enables the employer to verify the use of the instruments received by the worker without prior accord with Union.

Amazon’s Bezos said the bracelet was meant as an instrument to register the position and movement of the hands of the worker byway of vibrations which correct the improper motions of the workers.

This innovations , however, needs to be approved by the  Data Protections Agency.